Community Presentation: Racial Equity Vlog -

Community Presentation: Racial Equity Vlog

This project was recognized by Kean University for its 2021 Fritz Jonach Humanitarian Award.

In response to the rising tensions in the United States and the growing racial anxiety felt within Sparta’s school community over the past year, three community groups collaborated to address the issue head-on. The result was the Racial Equity Vlog Project,
Our Voices United. The purpose of the project was to bring awareness to racialized experiences in our community and provide opportunities for us to engage in meaningful conversations. The goal was to open lines of communication and to promote tolerance and social justice within our community. The project empowered students of color to actively share their lived experience of both overt and subtle racial prejudice. By bringing these stories to the surface, students gained agency and voice while enabling the community to assess its progress toward a more accepting culture.